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The Endocannabinoid system is an intra cellular communication system within the body. This is closely connected to and benefits the bodies self regulating of the following, temperature, pH levels, motor coordination, nuro protection, pain control, inflammation, appetite, depression, concentration and focus. Cannabis has been used since the dawn in human history and has since long […]

As well as some of the key benefits listed on the Why CBD page, there many more that cannot go without mention. Our specialist Products Manufactured in the UK Provide a large range of benefits including the Following. Pain & Sleep Analgesic Anti-Inflammetory Disease Specific Anti-Diabetic Anti-Psoriatic Bone Stimulant Anti-Proliferative Immunosuppresive Anti-Ischemic Vasorelaxant Eating & […]

It is wise to start slow and low with CBD oil personalizing your dosage gradually increasing your drop dosage until you attain the desired results